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About Light Owl - Rab Moghal
Day 1 - Rab outside his new shop

I created Light Owl as part of my dream to work independently & creatively within the home interiors market. I passionately believe that everyone should have a beautiful home to enjoy & relax in.

“I’ve always had a fascination with home interiors, as I noticed how changing just one thing can completely alter the look & feel of the entire room. I quickly realised that it was the soft furnishings, the lampshades & cushions, which made the biggest impact. From there, I began making my own lampshades, and received an overwhelmingly positive response to my creations.”

I’ve quickly gone from being the sole maker working from my home to leading a specialist team of soft furnishing experts. I still spend most of my time handmaking products alongside my team, as it’s what I love doing.

We pride ourselves on taking the time & care to ensure that every product is made to the highest standards & best quality. Thanks to our commitment to quality and impeccable customer service , we’ve continued to grow as our satisfied customers keep recommending us. We handmake thousands of lampshades every year, each one made especially to order.

I opened my first shop in Darlington back in June 2019 which remains our flagship store. By May 2021, it became apparent we needed a larger production studio to cope with the demand for our lampshades, so we opened our Middlesbrough studio which also doubles up as our second store.

From there, we have continued to grow our business & keep reaching exciting new heights. We produced our 10,000th lampshade in May 2023, and now have over 1,000 5-star reviews. The overwhelming positive response from our fantastic customers meant that all this was done in just four years, going from a fledging one-man in his shop to a successful small business with a dedicated & highly specialised team.

10K Photo
The Light Owl Team celebrates the 10,000th Lampshade
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