Yes we do!

Please fill out our form on our Contact Us page. Just provide a list of the colours and/or patterns you’re interest in, along with your address, and we’ll do the rest!

Samples are usually free unless you’re requesting an unusually large amount of them, in which case a small fee may be asked.

It depends on where you want the utility fitting – this is the part which attaches to your lamp base or light fixture.

A pendant lampshade will have the utility fitting at the top of the lampshade, a table lampshade will have the fitting at the bottom.

By default, Light Owl produces lampshades using utility rings which have a standard 40mm EU size gap. All of our lampshades come with a removable 28mm UK reducer ring. This allows our lampshades to fit the vast majority of lamp bases.

We can usually source Duplex utility rings (110mm) for use on lampshade carriers, and US washer (1/2″) fittings for use on bases from the US, or harp & finial fittings. Please note that is subject to availability from our frame suppliers, so the size & shape options may be more limited. This may incur additional charges for non-standard parts; we will any price differences as a quote before you place your order.

If you require such parts, please fill out our form on our Contact Us page.

At the time of writing, we offer two different shapes as part of our standard collection; circular drum & empire.

Our circular drum have the same diameter at the top as they do at the bottom. Our empire lampshades are circular conical in shape.

You’ll find the exact size options in the individual product’s description.

Although not available as standard, we can usually source frames to allow us to produce drum lampshades in oval, square, or rectangular shapes. The square & rectangular lampshades have curved corners rather than sharp folded corners. If you are interested in such shapes, please contact us about bespoke production options.

We know some customers are conscious about placing fabric near bulbs & about any fire risks. We wish to alleviate any concerns here, but if you need even more detailed information, please do contact us.

All of our lampshades are produced with a layer of PVC. On the single-sided options, this is the white PVC you can see on the inside. For double-sided options, the PVC is sandwiched between the two layers of fabric.

Light Owl is committed to ensuring our products are as safe as it is reasonably possible to make them. As such, we exclusively use PVC specifically designed for use with lampshades. The PVC is fire-resistant, and complies with BS EN 60598-1-2008 which is the British Standard for Luminaries. It also passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association.

When the fabrics are attached to the PVC, they do gain some fire retardant properties. This is because only one side of the fabric remains exposed, the other side obviously attached to the PVC. We do not chemically treat any of our fabrics; part of our environmental policy is to minimise our impact on the planet & we do not feel it is necessary to use chemicals for fire retardance or resistance.

It is also worth noting that most modern bulbs have been engineered to significantly reduce the amount of heat produced.

We aim to despatch all orders within two weeks of you placing your order. You should receive an automatic e-mail once your order has been despatched, and you should allow for a couple of days for delivery.

If we expect your lampshade to take longer than two weeks, we will be in touch to inform you.

If you do require a faster turnaround, please do get in touch as we’ll do our best to accommodate your time frame. However, please be aware that as each lampshade is handmade to order, it may not always be possible. We may charge extra for premium shipping.

Please see our dedicated page for all information regarding delivery issues, and the most up-to-date returns & exchange policy information.

If you cannot find the information you want on the dedicated page, please contact us.

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