What different lampshade shapes are there?

Light Owl is proud to offer you a wide selection of different types of lampshade. This page is to give you a brief overview of the types of lampshade we currently offer, and provide handy links so you can discover the entire collection quickly. If you can’t find the shape or style of shade you’re looking for here, why not see if our Bespoke Lampshade Service is right for you?

How to pick the right shape of lampshade? Well, it depends on where the lampshade is going to go.

We find that drum lampshades are the most flexible of all shapes, suitable for use across the home whether as a ceiling light or a table lamp.
Empire lampshades are best suited to table & floor lamps where you can easily admire the conical shape.

GUIDE - D/s Example Unlit
Unlit - A colourful addition to the home
GUIDE - D/s Example Lit
Lit - A stunning silhouette effect!

Double Sided Lampshades

Our stunning double-sided lampshades are our unique speciality when it comes to lighting. They combine a stylish patterned fabric with a solid colour fabric in any combination which gives you a huge selection to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find one to please.

These lampshades are circular drum in shape (I.e. the top & the bottom diameters are the same). Our double-sided lampshades are perfect for ceiling lights where you’ll be able to admire both layers of fabric with ease.

Depending on the selection of fabrics, some double sided lampshades produce a silhouette effect when lit. This completely transforms the look of the lampshade & your room. It’s like having two different lampshades. The silhouette effect is best displayed on dark patterned linings with light coloured outers.

We offer two variations of double-sided lampshades; pattern lined & colour lined. Our pattern lined feature a solid colour outer fabric and a patterned fabric interior, and the colour lined are the inverse. Both are great for creating a distinctive look in any room, and can be used together to create a fully co-ordinated look. For example, using the pattern lined lampshade for the ceiling light, and the inverse colour lined lampshade on a table lamp.

Explore our complete pattern lined lampshade collection.
Discover our complete colour lined lampshade collection.

Silver Birch
A popular pattern lined lampshade...
ABOUT LS Silver Birch & Yellow
...and the inverse colour lined lampshade.

Luxury Velvet Lampshades

Our luxury velvet lampshades will bring a touch of elegance & opulence into any room. They combine a luxuriously plush velvet exterior and with a shimmering gold or copper fabric lining, ideal for adding accents to any room.

These lampshades are circular drum in shape, meaning that the top & bottom rings have the same diameter.

The soft velvet outer provides the lampshade with a distinct textured appearance. The shimmering fabric linings reflect a lot of light internally, making this an ideal ceiling light shade where it is important to have a reasonable amount of light below such as above dining tables.

Peruse the entire luxury velvet lampshade collection.

Parrot Toucan Black FABRIC GOLD-min
Luxury Velvet Lampshade with Shimmer Gold Lining
Single sided example: Flamingo Print

Single Sided Lampshades

Our stylish single sided lampshades are a more traditional style of lampshade, featuring a beautifully patterned outer fabric & a solid white PVC lining.

These lampshades are circular drum in shape, meaning that the top & bottom rings have the same diameter. The PVC lining is quite reflective, making this type of lampshade an excellent choice where it is important to have a reasonable amount of light, such as for reading or crafting.

These lampshades are an great choice for table lamps. As they’re usually around eye-height, you’re able to enjoy the full effect of the pattern and only see a minimal, if any, amount of the plain white lining.

Discover the entire single-sided lampshade collection.

Empire Lampshades

Our beautiful empire lampshades are a modern twist on a classic conical shape. Many traditional empire lampshades are a single colour, however our empire lampshades have a stylish patterned fabric instead. With a wide selection of fabrics available to choose from, you can have everything from subtle pop of colour to a bold, vibrant look. Our empire lampshades have a solid white PVC lining, which reflects a lot of light, making this lampshade beautiful as well as functional. 

The larger sizes of empire lampshades are perfect for creating a stylish floor lamp, and the smaller sizes are great for table lamps.

Browse our complete empire lampshade collection.

ABOUT LS Emp Bright Palm
Empire example: Bright Palm Leaves

3-Tiered Lampshade

Our bold 3-tiered lampshades feature three single-sided circular drum lampshades in reducing sizes. The largest shade, at the top, is 40cm. The middle shade is 30cm, and the bottom one is 20cm. We like to offer these shades with the central shade being patterned, and the two other shades being a solid colour, though we can make other styles for you. Get in touch directly if this is something you’re interested in.

The inside of each tier is a solid white PVC, perfect for reflecting light throughout the shade. We offer two sizes, a deep drop which is best for rooms with high Victorian style ceilings, and a shallow drop for more contemporary height ceilings.

Explore the complete 3-tiered lampshade collection.

3 Tiered example: Bright Palm & Cherry Red
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